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Buick Model 4 Series (1908 – 1918) – First Front-Engine Buick

Buick Model 4 Series – Origin

Most people probably don’t realize it today, but Buick has been one of the most innovative automobile companies since it started over a century ago. The Buick 4 could be regarded as a series of passenger cars produced by the Buick Division of General Motors from the year 1908 through 1918.

The vehicle was available as a touring car, roadster, or phaeton. The model 4 series has one of the largest varieties from the time of its production to the last year of its production.

Want to know more about some of these vehicles? Well, stick around with me a few more minutes and I would be glad to carry you along.

Buick Model 4 Series – Overview

The company produced a variety of series throughout the 9 to 10 years of production of the Buick 4. The model 10 which was produced from 1908 to 1910 was fitted with an overhead valve and also with an inline 165 cubic inches four-cylinder engine while produced 40 brake horsepower.

The engine of this vehicle was installed in the front, driving the rear wheels through a transmission shaft. The gearbox came with three forward gears with its lever positioned right of the driver.

The model 10 had a wheelbase dimension of 88 inches and passed as a passenger touring car.

The model 32 which was known as the roadster and the model 33 fondly called the touring car were manufactured in 1911 with noticeable changes in their wheelbase dimensions at 89 inches for the roadster and 100 inches for the touring car.

Other models of the Buick 4 series include the model 34, also known as the short-wheelbase roadster with 91 inches, the model 35, popularly known as the long-wheelbase touring car with 102 inches in dimension, and the model 36, also known as a long-wheelbase roadster; these were all produced in 1912.

As time progressed, the 1913 model 24 roadster replaced the former model 34 and 36, while the model 25 replaced the model 35 touring sedan, sharing the same wheelbase dimension of 105 inches.

Buick Model 4 Series – Production

Model 10 had a total of 23,100 in terms of the number of vehicles produced. Models 32 and 33 that came subsequently had a total of 1,150 and 2000 vehicles produced respectively.

The model 34 series had a total of 1,400 vehicles produced, model 35 had 6,050 vehicles in production while model 36 had a total of 1,600 vehicles produced. Now, that’s a lot of numbers right there for just one model.

Buick Model 4 Series – Price Rage

As you would imagine, the variety of these series came with different prices at their time of production. The model 10 series sold for $1,000 at the time of its production. You might be thinking, just a thousand dollars? That’s pretty cheap for a vehicle. Now, wait a minute, if we were to convert that same amount today, that’s a whopping $28, 879 considering the inflation rate over the past century. Not so cheap anymore, is it?

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