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Ford Model A [World’s Oldest Ford] – (1903–1904)

Prior to the manufacture and massive success of the Ford Model T, the company had produced several cars, and the Ford Model A was one of them.

Ford Model A – Origin

With production commencing in 1903, the original Ford Model A was actually the first car produced by the Ford Motor Company, and a Chicago dentist named Ernest Pfennig was recorded as the very first owner of this vehicle on July 23, 1903. Talk about a great way to have your name ingrained in the history books.

Ford Model A – Overview

This classic car was made available in two variants; a two-seater cruiser for $800 and a four-seater model for $900 with the option of having a roof. All of which featured a flat-2 1668 engine with an output of 8 horsepower. 

The planetary transmission was equipped with two forward and reverse speeds, which later became a Ford signature seen on the Ford Model T. The vehicle weighed 1,240 lb (562 kg) and was able to achieve a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h). It had a 72-inch (1.8 m) wheelbase and was offered at a base price of US$750.

Other features could also be added which includes a two-seater tonneau, a $100 rear door as well as a $30 rubber roof or $50 leather roof. There was also an adoption of band brakes on the rear wheels. This feature was an additional $150 on the cost more than its major competition, the Oldsmobile Curved Dash and as such, it didn’t do too well in the market.

After spending much of its Investment Fund on the Ford model A, the Ford company was left with $223 in its account, and the little success of this classic was able to generate profit for the company in what was Henry Ford’s first successful enterprise.

While Ford marketed the Model A as the most reliable machine in the world, it did suffer from many problems common to cars of the period, including overheating and slipping transmission bands. The Model A was sold only in red color by the factory, though a few of them were painted in other colors.

Ford Model A – Development

1904 Model A cars received a little upgrade as they were fitted with a larger 10-horsepower Model C engine, and marketed as Model AC. The Model AC can be physically distinguished from Model A by its larger six-by-three-bar radiator.

Ford Model A – Production

1750 units were produced between 1903 and 1904 when Ford was occupying its first facility; the Ford Mack Avenue Factory, a small wood-frame building located on the East side of Detroit.

Ford Model A – Price

As the Ford model A was the first official car produced by the Ford company, it really has a top spot amongst the classics, and they sell for as much as $264,000 in various auctions around the world and if you happen to come across one, please let me know.

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