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Cadillac Series 355 C – (1933)

Cadillac Series 355 C – Origin

The Cadillac Series 355-C was produced in 1933 as a successor to the 355-B. They were 8-cylinder engines, available in many styles. Harley Earl was the lead designer of the vehicle, and Ernest W. Seaholm was the chief engineer. The vehicle came with a few modifications and new features.

Cadillac Series 355 C – Overview

The 1933 Series 355C was fitted with a sectioned bumper, a flat end and a three bar center. The grid became V-shaped and was fitted into a painted radiator shell. The radiator cap was pushed under the right side of the hood, while the fender tie bar was broken off after a year’s absence. The middle portion was also concealed behind the grid and six horizontal doors were introduced as a replacement to the vertical hood doors.

The most important change in physical design was the introduction of no-draft Individually Controlled Ventilation (ICV) or pivoting vent windows in the front door and the rear quarter or rear door windows. Early ICV models had to lower the front door window to disconnect the channel from the vent window at its front edge to allow the vent window to rotate. This was later changed by connecting the sealing channel directly to the door frame rather than to the glass panel. This allowed the vent window to be operated independently of the window.

In the 355-C model, windshields, and rear quarter windows were still stationary. The closed cars had the operating mechanism of their windshields removed, making space for the wiper motors to be concealed behind the headboard. Also, vacuum assist was integrated to the braking system, the controlled freewheeling was removed and the improvements in the shock absorber valve increased the range of the control system. During that year, a single point 8 lobe device was replaced by a dual point 4 lobe distributor.

Cadillac Series 355 C – Production

The Cadillac Series 355-C wasn’t a hit in the market, and part of that could be attributed to the Great depression during that period as it could only rack up 2100 sales. A low figure compared to other vehicles in the series.

Cadillac Series 355 C – Price

In today’s market, you’d require top dollar to purchase a Cadillac Series 355-C vehicle as one can be obtained between $70000 and $115000. Who knew it would cost that much to float like a Cadillac on the road.

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