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Mercedes Benz 770 (W07) – (1930 – 1943)

Mercedes Benz 770 (W07) Origin

The Mercedes Benz 770, was very well known as the Grober Mercedes in the mid-1900s, which is the German meaning for “Great Mercedes”. The vehicle was considered a luxury vehicle and as we get along in this video, I will be sharing with you some of the many reasons why this car is fondly called the Great Mercedes.

The masterpiece was built by German automobile company Mercedes between the years 1930 through 1943, and this car was arguably the best vehicle during its time as the world leaders during world war 2 like Adolf Hitler, Francisco Franco, Heinrich Himmler, Paul von Hindenburg, to mention but a few, all used this vehicle at some point, many of which were captured in the footage.

Mercedes Benz 770 (W07) Overview

The Mercedes Benz 770 which was a series production car was built at Untertukheim, Germany, and was introduced as the successor to the Mercedes –Benz type 360. The 770 as well as its predecessor were mainly used as cars for government officials as the specifications were built to class. The vehicle came with a Twin Spark M150 inline-8 engine and a valve train of 2 valves per cycle, a fuel feed of Triple Jet Double Carburetor, and a four hundred and sixty-seven point one inch’s cube displacement.

The powerhouse of the Mercedes Benz 770 was built with a capacity of one hundred and seventy-one point five kilowatts equivalent to two hundred and thirty brake horsepower at three thousand revolutions per minute. Other features of the vehicle include its front and rear brakes made of hydraulic drums vacuum booster, driven wheels of oval tube frame of wheels, and a top speed of one hundred and sixty point nine kilometers per hour.

Mercedes Benz 770 (W07) Production

With all the specs mentioned above, considering the number of years gone by as compared to our recent time and date. It’s safe to say that The Mercedes Benz is a high-class vehicle, and as such, not a regular vehicle, and since this was built to the class of government officials back in the years, a limited number of the vehicle was made all through its thirteen years in the market. Mercedes recorded a total of two hundred and five Mercedes Benz 770 produced from 1930 through 1943.

Mercedes Benz 770 (W07) Price

The Great Mercedes we call it, not so? But why though? Well, if we’re going to call it great, it sure has to be a car of value, and if it’s a car a value, then, of course, it’s going to cost a lot of money for its value and class. So how much are we looking at here?

I could go on and on and tell you how the Field Marshal of Finland, Baron Gustav Mannerheim sold his Mercedes 770 to an American collector after the second world war, or how Adolf Hitler used the 770 as his parade limousine in 1973, or I could simply just tell you that the Hitler’s Mercedes Benz 770 was auctioned for one hundred and fifty-three thousand United States dollars as far back as 1973, and not long after this sale, another Mercedes Benz 770 was sold for ninety-three thousand dollars that same year.

Do we really need to do the math? Well, I promised to get all the juices flowing if you followed me till the end, and here we are! Well, if you wanted to purchase a vehicle worth $93,000 in our current time and date, then, hold on, oh yeah, that’s right – that’s $466,369 to $559,369 in today’s worth. Why not play around with how much Hitler’s 770 would have been sold in today’s value and tell me whether or not the Mercedes Benz 770 is worthy to be called the Great Mercedes.

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