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Cadillac Series 355 E – (1935)

Cadillac Series 355 E – Origin

The Cadillac Series 355E was produced in 1935 following the series 355D in the previous year. It retained some qualities of the former while adorning some new features. This classic was the final model in the series 355.

Cadillac Series 355 E – Overview

The Cadillac 355E was available in seven body types and boasted many changes over the extensively redesigned 1934 model. This beautiful 1935 355E ran on a 128 wheelbase and had a height of 69.5 in. The vehicle came as a rear-wheel drive and had a weight of 4550 lbs (2063.845 kg).

The new body was fitted on a new lower frame and a new completely independent front suspension system was installed. The suspension was then modified to include a stabilizer bar.

As standard for Cadillac vehicles in that period, the bodies were designed by Fisher and Fleetwood, all featuring an elegant, canted rear radiator grille, curved fenders, raked windscreen, and bullet headlamps. The body framework designed by Fisher was very sportlike and featured a pair of Trippe lights on the front, a rumble seat, and a single rear-mounted spare wheel with a metal body-colored cover.

The energy of the series 355E was further improved to produce 130 horsepower, and it sends power through a 3-speed synchronized transmission system. One advantage of this classic was that, as a result of its excellent ride and handling from the independent front suspension, and sophisticated L-head V8 engine, it was fun and enjoyable to drive. At the time of production, this classic vehicle could be purchased at prices between $2,350 and $5,595 depending on the variant.

Cadillac Series 355 E – Production

It seemed the Cadillac Automobile company saved the best for last in the Cadillac Series 355 as the Series 355E racked up a total of 8,315 sales which was far better than all other models. A very good way to bring the Series 355 to an end I must say.

Cadillac Series 355 E – Price Range

The Cadillac Series 355 are highly sought after today, and it would cost as much as $70,000 to purchase a Cadillac Series 355E.

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