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Cadillac Series 70/75 (1’st Generation) (1936-1937)

Cadillac Series 70/75 (1’st Generation) Origin

From the 1930s to the 1980s, Cadillac produced a line of full-sized V8-powered cars known as the Series 70. It took over as the company’s mainstream car from the 1935 355E, just as the significantly less expensive Series, 60 was debuted. While the manufacture of the short wheelbase Series 70 ended in 1938, it is reported to have made a brief comeback as the very pricey Series 70 Eldorado Brougham from 1957 to 1958. 

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Cadillac Series 70/75 (1’st Generation) Overview

Fleetwood designed the 1936 Cadillac series 70’s windshield with a v-shaped curve. The radiator shell became compact because of this design. The radiator casings were used to house the headlights which were equipped with parking lights. The series 70’s attractive design made an immediate hit as a result of its new 346 cubic inch Monobloc V8 engine which was able to produce 135 to 150 horsepower.  The front fenders were brand new and had a wrinkle down the centerline. The cowl vent was re-positioned to open forward. On “touring” models, town cars, and 4-door convertibles, there were built-in trunks. Rumble seats and a separate door for the spare tire were standard on coupes and 2-door convertibles. The Fisher Turret Top was now used by all of the bodies.

The Cadillac Series 70 had an internal combustion engine with a displacement of 5.71 or 5,671 to 5,676 cc. It had eight cylinders and a V-engine configuration. Its revolution at maximum power was up to three thousand four hundred and it also had a torque of three hundred and fifty-three and a revolution at a maximum torque of 1,700. It had a drivetrain of two-wheel drive, a manual transmission, and three gears. Its length was about 6,022 millimeters, with a width of about 2,032 millimeters, a track and front of about 1,549 millimeters, a track and rear of about 1,549 millimeters, and a wheelbase of about 3,805.

The Cadillac Series 70 could be classified as a full-size luxury car with Sedan chassis and two or four doors.

Cadillac Series 70/75 (1’st Generation) Production

Cadillac is a brand of luxury automobiles (General Motors) from 1936 through 1976, Hess and Eisenhardt were in charge of producing the Cadillac Series 70. From 1985 until 1987, production came to a standstill and then resumed.

The Cadillac Series 70 was produced from 1936 through 1937, and a total of 4,232 were produced. It was built in the United States at the Detroit Assembly in Detroit, Michigan, the South Gate Assembly in South Gate, California, and the Linden Assembly in Linden, New Jersey. Harley Earl, a well-known designer, created it.

Cadillac Series 70/75 (1’st Generation) Price

The most recent sale of the Cadillac Series 70, according to reputable sources, was for $53,417 with the highest transaction valued at $126,500. The lowest retail price for the Cadillac Series 70 was $53,417 with an average sale price of $89,950. In the Great Depression, their exorbitant price restricted its appeal. In 1936, just 5,248 tickets were sold.

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