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The Ford Model S (1908 – 1909)

The Ford Model S Origin

The Legendary Henry Ford made some astonishing cars over the years. The year the 1900s saw the debut of some of these classics, such as the Model N, Model R, and Model S. The Model N distinguished itself from its predecessors by being a front-engine vehicle powered by a four-cylinder engine. It also had a long shaft that connected the straight-15 four’s horsepower to the rear wheels. This was also the first car in the United States to use vanadium steel. The car had an 84-inch (2,100-mm) wheelbase. This vehicle was available in two models, the model S and the model R. However, for the purpose of this video, we’ll be taking a closer look at the model S.

The Ford Model S Overview

The Ford Model S was a hybrid of the Model N and Model R. The Model R used the hot-selling Model N’s engine and bodywork but added running boards, a larger body, and larger wheels. Once Ford ran out of Model R bodies and wheels, it slapped the new running boards on the Model N and renamed it the Model S.

There were two different S models produced: a runabout and a roadster. The S runabout debuted late in the 1907 model year, and it was comparable to the Model R, but it cost $50 less, at $700. Both models were sold for a short period before the R was phased out for the 1908 fiscal year. Much like the R, the S roadster had bumpers attached to running boards and a mechanical oiler. Also, model N-style 28-inch tires and a pointed trunk distinguished it from the R.

The Model S Cabriolet was built on the same chassis as the previous models N, R, and S runabouts. The S Roadster, which debuted during Ford’s 1908 model year, featured a sealed cowl, full fenders and fender aprons, and a third rumble seat. Like the R and S runabouts, the SR had a McCord pressure oiler, while the S Convertible, much like the Model R, came with 30-inch tires. During the summer of 1908, the S Roadster and Model K Roadster were the last models manufactured as Ford reorganized and prepared for the arrival of the Model T. A convertible top, electric lights, and umbrella holders were available as options.

The Ford Model S Production

This classic car did quite well in production when compared to other folks. Between the period 1908 to 1909, a total of 3750 S roadsters were sold.

The Ford Model S Price

At the time of production, the S Roadster was priced at $750. Today, you could acquire one at $41,250.

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