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Ford Model N (1906 – 1908)

Ford Model N Origin

The Ford Model N made its debut in the year 1906. The vehicle was the successor and advancement of the model A, C, and F. the Model N was no cheap vehicle at the time, a pretty rugged vehicle back then in the early nineteen hundreds. Quite an interesting vehicle, and if you stay with me to the end, this one promise to once again arouse your love and interest in the best classics vehicles

Ford Model N Overview

The Ford Model N was a small and light car, fast and easy to move around with. The vehicle, along with models N, R, and S introduced major technical advancements such as foot-operated transmissions, bevel topped radiator with a tall neck and the backward dish steering wheel with throttle controls and column-mounted spark.

Most of the Model N’s produced came as two-seater runabouts, they had no running boards and their rudimentary fenders came without splash aprons. The Ford Model N had the most qualities that the company thought would be a great idea to integrate into the construction of the Model T that would debut on the first of October, 1908.

The vehicle was fitted with a four-cylinder inline engine that produced power with a value of fifteen horsepower, which was much more modern as compared to the flat twin-cylinder previously used. The engine was mounted in the front and rear wheels driven by a shaft. You will find the water pump just below the crank, in front of the radiator.

 The wheel of the Model N shared the same eighty-four inches just as the old model F. The seventy pounds per hour vehicle with a two-speed manual transmission had an overall length of one hundred and fifteen inches, weighing one thousand and fifty pounds in total.

This rugged Ford vehicle is one without many amenities but is still very much considered a users’ delight. It was lightweight, and drivers have little or nothing to worry about when climbing most hills. The story would not be complete if I didn’t tell you that the Ford Model N was the first American car to use vanadium steel.

Ford Model N Production

The Ford Model N was produced between the years 1906 and 1908, it had a successful run as over seven thousand of the Model N were produced before production stopped in 1908 and was later succeeded by the Model T.

Ford Model N Ford Model N Price

The ford model was suitable to storm many harsh conditions, and it quickly found its way to the hearts of many even though it was sold for five hundred dollars at the time which made it one of the best-selling cars in the whole of America. You could still get a Ford Model N for that same amount, but make sure you’re graciously walking into a toy car store. Okay, that was a joke!

Five hundred dollars wasn’t so easy to come around over a century ago, in our current age, you may just have to work the value of fourteen thousand, seven hundred and sixty-six dollars exactly the same way you’d have worked for five hundred dollars a century ago.

Recent sales of these vehicles were valued at thirty-one thousand, seven hundred and eleven dollars as the average sales value, with its lowest sales sold at twelve thousand, six hundred and fifty dollars and the highest sales recorded at forty-two thousand, nine hundred dollars.

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