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Ford Model A – (1927 – 1931)

Following the groundbreaking success of the Ford model T, the Ford Motor Company failed to keep up with that achievement. However, things changed after the development of the Ford model A in 1927 as it became the companies second biggest success commercially.

Ford Model A – Origin

This classic was first produced on October 20th, 1927, but it was introduced on December 2nd to replace the highly-rated Model T as the company’s flagship product. This model also had many names like the A-bone model, A Model Ford, or just simply The A. Makes it sound exquisite I must say. The vehicle was called the 1928 model and was produced in four different colors. 

Ford Model A – Overview

The engine adopted a water-cooling system which produced 40 hp (30 kW; 41 hp) with an approximate speed of 65 mph (105 km/h). The A-bone had a wheelbase of 103.5 in (2.630 mm) with a final drive ratio of 3.77:1. The transmission system was a widely used non-synchronized three-speed rolling-gear manual with a single reverse speed. The Model A was fitted with four-wheel mechanical drum brakes. Both the 1930 and 1931 models were produced with stainless steel radiator caps and headlamp enclosures.

This classic was made available in a variety of styles ranging from the standard and deluxe coupe, to the sport coupé, roadster coupe convertible cabriolet and the taxicab just to mention a few. It had kind of like that buffet feeling where you could just take your time and choose your pick. Awesome right?

Historically, the 1927 Ford Model A was the first Ford vehicle to use a common range of driver controls, including standard clutch and brake pedals, throttle and gear lever. Previous Fords used controls that had become unusual for drivers of other manufacturers. It was also the first vehicle to feature a safety glass in the windscreen, and it had a little door to regulate the level of hot air entering the vehicle.

Ford Model A – Developments

On the success of this classic vehicle, Ford completely dominated the market in the mid 1920s. However, this dominance began to fade when Ford’s competitors adopted the mass production system and began to produce better cars in terms of their engines, new features and customization which were needless according to Henry Ford.  

At First, Henry was rigid about the change, and it took the recommendation of the sales team as well as the dwindling market dominance of the 1927 model to convince him that a replacement was needed. He finally agreed for developments to be made and his focus was on the mechanical aspects and to correct some problems in the vehicle. His lack of interest in the application of aesthetics to cars led him to assign his son Edsel to that task, though he went on to take much credit for the work.

Ford Model A – Production

The Ford model A recorded massive success, and by the 4th of February 1929, it had sold 1 million units. Also, in July of that same year, it hit two million sales. The range of body framework was from the Tudor which was available in three different colours to the town car.

The 1927 Model A hit 3 million sales in 1930 with 9 different body styles on the offer. Production of this classic came to an end in 1932 of which 4,868,644 units had been sold in different body Frameworks.

Ford Model A – Price Range

This classic was a major success for Ford and can be acquired in different auctions around the world for as low as $21000 to $75000 depending on the model.

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