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Ford Mondeo 5th Generation – Ford Taurus (2022)

Ford Mondeo 5th Gen Origin

In January 2022, the fifth-generation Mondeo saloon was introduced in China to replace its predecessor, the fourth-generation Ford Mondeo. The vehicle was not to be sold in North America/Europe, according to Ford. In the Middle East, it is known as the Ford Taurus.

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Ford Mondeo 5th Gen Overview

The fifth generation of the Ford Mondeo was built in China through Ford’s partnership agreement with Changan Ford.

In June 2021, this latest Ford Mondeo was first spotted being tested in Belgium, and then four months later in Michigan, USA. As reported in the preceding year, this special Mondeo, however, would later be made and marketed solely in China, since Ford currently concentrates on SUVs as well as Mustangs in North America.

Do you guys know that the wagonized SUV is called the Evos crossover? Do you know that it is also exclusive to China? Well, this new Ford Mondeo is more like its sedan version. It also rides on a similar platform as the compact and luxurious Lincoln Zephyr.

It is the successor of the outgoing Ford Mondeo IV, although it is not offered in Europe as well because it is a victim of low sales as Europeans tend towards more SUVs than ever before.

First the Evo, now this fresh Ford Mondeo. We are jealous of our Chinese friends. They are getting all the goodies. Our European friends, we sympathize with you.

The fifth generation Mondeo is sold as the Ford Taurus in Gulf Cooperation Council nations, succeeding the Chinese-sourced Taurus that superseded the Ford Mondeo and Ford Taurus (sixth generation) models.

The fifth generation of the Ford Mondeo is propelled by Changan Ford’s CAF488WQC 2.0 liter supercharged gas engine, which produces a whopping 238 horsepower (177 kilowatts) and 376 Newton-meters of torque, allowing it to reach up to 225 kilometers per hour, which is around 140 miles per hour. The Mondeo has front-wheel drive and an eight-speed transmission, which is, of course, automatic.

The automobile now features new running lights and a pleasing A-shaped design for the bottom of the bumper’s airflow. The bodywork is completed with 19-inch wheels.

The opening and closing handles are concealed, with a “pop-out” style similar to Tesla. The sedan’s gently sloping roofline gives it a graceful appearance. The car’s taillights are comparable to those found on the Mustangs Mach-E.

There’s no denying that the Ford Mondeo is a powerful and adaptable vehicle. Its exquisite driving experience outperforms many more costly vehicles.

The interior of the Ford Mondeo is also noticeably more upscale than that of the previous generation. As a consequence, it’s tough to claim that Ford has not created a serious competitor to the Audis.

Utility wise, the Ford Mondeo offers adequate space for four people and a trunk large enough to hold a whole lot of stuff.

Ford Mondeo 5th Gen Production

Ford’s China Innovation Centre in Shanghai handled all the production of the latest fifth-generation Mondeo, and delivery began in the second quarter of this year.

There’s not enough information about the production of this automobile as at present, although Ford has sold more than 5 million Mondeos across Europe since its launch as a “world car” in 1993. In 2001, up to 86,500 units were sold in the United Kingdom alone. However, sales have plummeted throughout a 28-year run in the company’s lineup, with only 2,400 units sold in 2020.

Ford Mondeo 5th Gen Price

The price of the fifth-generation Ford Mondeo is not clear yet, but it is believed to cost in excess of 30000 USD. We will just wait and see how it turns out when it floods the market.

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