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Ford Mondeo 4th Generation MK5 (MKV) – (2012-2022)

Ford Mondeo 4th Gen MK5 Origin

The Ford Mondeo is a large family of cars produced by the Ford company located in North America. The Ford company began the production of the Mondeo in the year 1993 and the first product of this brand was declared as ‘world’. The intention behind the Mondeo vehicle was to make it a compilation of different models of Ford vehicles around the world. The Mondeo nameplate is derived from the Latin word “Mundus” which means “world”.

As of 2018, Ford had already produced five versions of the Mondeo across four generations, which are the Ford Mondeo First-generation, 2nd generation, third generation, fourth generation, and the Ford Mondeo fifth generation which is the direct successor of the fourth generation.

The Ford Mondeo fourth generation was manufactured in 2012, it was unveiled at the 2012 North American International Auto show in Detroit, Michigan. 

Ford Mondeo 4th Gen MK5 Overview

The Mondeo Fourth generation has the same engine capacity as the 3rd generation, its range does not include five- or six-cylinder engines, and it has a complete range of Ford EcoBoost engines.

But unlike the 3rd generation, the Mondeo Fourth generation uses the CD4 platform and it is the first car to do so.

The Ford Mondeo fourth generation is an outstanding piece with a combination of two models of cars produced by the Ford company, which are the Ford Mondeo 3rd generation and the Ford Fusion.

The Fusion is a mid-size car produced by the Ford company from 2006 through 2020, its two generations were produced in gasoline, gas/electric hybrid, and gas/plug-in electric hybrid variants. The fusion replaced the Mondeo for the Latin American market, not Argentina.

That was just a little juice about the Fusion, if you need facts about the Ford Mondeo 3rd generation, I’ll leave a link in my description for you to get all the info you need, let’s get back to our main item.

The Ford Mondeo fourth generation took all its style and design from the 3rd generation and the Ford Fusion. It was sold as the Fusion to the Americans with a design team that planned the global launch phase in Detroit. The new Mondeo is set on a global platform shared with the now-identical Fusion sold in North America. Right after the production of this model, it won awards as the “best family car” and the “best car for a man to drive”

Ford Mondeo 4th Gen MK5 Production

During the production of this classic chassis there was quite a good number of units produced. A total of 69,871 units were recorded to have been tagged after production. Which would be considered quite a lot when compared to some of its co-models. Although, Ford had decided to cease production of the Mondeo at their Valencia Plant in 2022 as Mondeo sales dwindled because buyers are preferring crossovers and SUVs.

Ford Mondeo 4th Gen MK5 Price

The Ford Mondeo Fourth generation was not a cheap piece, although the price value of a car tends to decrease as its model gets older. As of the year of production, this super classic was estimated to cost between $5,500 to $8,370, which is equivalent to $10,806 and $16,455 in today’s market.

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