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Ford Mondeo 3rd generation – Ford Mondeo MK4 (2007-2014)

Ford Mondeo 3rd gen MK4 Origin

The CD345 was manufactured by Ford Company also known as Ford Zhisheng (China) in May 2006. It was released in 5 unique trim levels which are the Edge, Zetec, Ghia, Titanium, and Titanium X.

In February 2008 the Ford Company made an announcement that the Mondeo will be available in some European markets with a new Titanium X sports trim. This model added a unique ‘sporty character’ more than the titanium series that was released in 2008. In March 2008 another Mondeo Econetic based on the Zetec series was released. It was powered by a 1.6 115 PS (84.6 kW; 113.4 bhp) TDCI diesel that emits CO2 ratings of just 139 g/km on the 5-door. The CD345 was released after the Mondeo Ford [2nd generation] and the successor of CD345 was the Mondeo Ford [fourth generation].

Ford Mondeo 3rd gen MK4 Overview

The Ford Mondeo [3rd generation] belongs to the family of cars known as the Ford Mondeo which existed since 1993. The name Mondeo is derived from the Latin word Mundus meaning world. Why Mondeo? stay tuned and I will tell you!

The Ford Mondeo [3rd generation] was unveiled by Ford in the five-door production in, 2006. The Ford Mondeo [3rd generation] is also known as the Ford Mondeo MK IV and its codename is known as CD345. The Mondeo MK IV was unveiled based on the EUCD platform built together with Volvo, this platform was also used by the new large MPVs Galaxy, S-MAX and so many Volvos like the Volvo S80 II.

Ford Mondeo 3rd gen MK4 Design

The MK IV Mondeo had a very classy design. The CD345 body style comprises the 4-door saloon, 5-door liftback/fastback, and 5-door estate. It has a front petrol engine, flexible fuel engines of 1.6 L Sigma I4 110 hp & 120 hp 1.6 L Ti-VCT I4 125 hp, and a front-wheel-drive. The MK IV has a transmission of 5-speed manual MTX-75, 6-speed manual MMT6, 6-speed automatic, 6-speed PowerShift automatic.

The length for its saloon is 4,844 mm (190.7 in), for its fastback 4,778 mm (188.1 in), and for its estate 4,830 mm (190.2 in). The MK IV has a general width of 1,886 mm (74.3 in) excluding mirrors and 2,078 mm (81.8 in) including the mirrors.

The saloon and fastback model has a height of 1,500 mm (59.1 in) while the estate is 1,512 mm (59.5 in) high. Some of the unique features of the Ford Mondeo [3rd generation] are the active cruise control which enables it to detect an oncoming vehicle and slow down to avoid any harm or danger to road users.

The human-machine interface is another feature that will blow your mind; this feature can allow the activation of the car and all its features with the human voice, but this is only available on Zetec and other higher spec.

Ford Mondeo 3rd gen MK4 Production

The MK Mondeo IV was Manufactured by the Ford automobile company and designed by Martin Smith. The production time of MK IV was from 2006 through 2014.

In September 2010, the MK IV was redesigned twice, the first design was a mid-cycle facelift with new features such as the new economist engines and the LED daytime running lights.  And the second change was released at the Moscow International Motor show in 2010. It was shown to have a new kinetic design, the interior was improved with better materials and the front and rear of the car were not left out, they also had minor changes.

Due to the fact that the SUVs have a growing trend more than the saloon and estate cars, the Ford company has decided to eliminate all Mondeo in Argentina and Europe in March 2022 without any successor.

Although the exact units produced is unknown, it was said that this model didn’t do so well in terms of sale. In 2010, just over 30,000 units were sold, which further reduced to 16,000 in 2013, and 7,000 in 2014. Well, guess folks didn’t just like this ride, did they?

Ford Mondeo 3rd gen MK4 Price

MK IV is obviously not cheap. As of the year of production, this super vehicle was estimated to cost between $4,900 for the basic trim hatchback to $14,990 for the Zetec. If you want one of these whips, then get ready to write some cheque.

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