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Ford Model Y (1932 -1937)

Ford Model Y Origin

The Ford Model Y stands as a very important symbol to the Ford manufacturers. Not only did this automobile save the Ford-Britain from bankruptcy with its modest price, but it was also the very first Ford automobile to be designed for exportation outside of the US, replacing the Model A. Thanks to Ford’s astute price-cutting strategy, it was also the first and only four-seat passenger car to sell for 100 euros. This one is yet another interesting classic vehicle that promises to be fun; let’s hang tight to the end as we add one or two things to our classic archive. 

Ford Model Y Overview

With transverse leaf springing before and after, the Ford Model Y was just slightly better than the Model T. The car’s prototypes were on exhibit as early as February 1932, only a few months after Henry Ford got authorization to start production in Detroit. From 1932 to 1937, it was built by Ford UK, Ford SAF, and Ford Germany.

The Ford Model Y had a fiscal horsepower rating of 8 (RAC) horsepower when it was first released, and it was available in two- and four-door models and standard and better-equipped ‘Deluxe’ trim levels. When Ford introduced the ten horsepower Model C in late 1934, it was also available in Deluxe form; therefore, these better-equipped Model Ys were discontinued. For marketing purposes, the model Y was called the ‘Popular,’ which was built to a single specification identical to the previous basic garb but with a few extras carried over from the prior Deluxe appearance. As a result of the standardization, output increased, and per-car costs decreased.

The Ford Model Y has a displacement of 0.91 liters, equivalent to 62.8 cubic inches. It features a four-cylinder with two valves per cylinder, a 92.5 five-millimeter stroke, and a six-point 2 to 1 compression ratio. Other combustion configuration includes an inline engine configuration, a front-end engine placed longitudinally with a rear-wheel drive, a carburetor fuel system, a manual transmission, a drivetrain of two-wheel drive, and an internal combustion engine.

The engine is a naturally aspirated petrol engine of 0.9 liters, with an output power of 22 bhp at 4,000 revolutions per minute. A speed manual gearbox transfers the power to the driven wheels with a top speed of 92 kilometers per hour. It also has a top gear ration of one and a final drive ratio of five point four three.

Ford Model Y Production

From 1932 to September 1937, the Ford Model Y was produced in England, known as the “Ford Eight” because of its fiscal horsepower rating. It was also made in France from 1932 to 1934 and in Germany from 1933 to 1936 as the Ford Koln. Smaller groups were also gathered in Australia, Japan, Latvia, and Spain. After cost calculations, the company scrapped plans to manufacture in the United States revealed that it would only be somewhat less expensive to produce than the Ford Model B. Despite its American design, the Model Y swept the British market and slashed the sales of Austin, Morris, Singer, and Hillman when it was initially released. It then went on to account for more than half of 8(RAC) HP sales. 175,000 Model Ys were built globally, with 153,000, 117 made in the United Kingdom and 11,121 in Germany.

Ford Model Y Price

Most classic cars are usually sold in auction markets or websites. According to trusted resources, the most recent sale of the Ford Model Y sold for $7,959, with its highest sale valued at $32,754. The lowest sale for the Ford Model Y was valued at $7,959, with its average sale value at $20,357.

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