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Ford Model B – (1904 – 1906)

Ford Model B – Origin

The Ford Model B is a state-of-the-art touring car launched by the Ford Motor Company in 1904. It was built in the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, and It was Ford’s first car to use the front-engine design, with a massive 24-hp 4-cylinder engine situated at the front of the traditional radiator.

Ford Model B – Overview

The Ford Model B was a 2-row 4-passenger touring vehicle. This car was kind of a luxury as it had a brass trim and some polished wood inside. It was certainly not your regular transport vehicle, it was a pretty large vehicle too, weighing an estimated 1700lbs. The Model B car is equipped with the side entrance tonneau body, which has the extra advantage of providing convenient access to and exit from the car directly to the sidewalk. The front seat has been split. The body is very spacious and decorated and upholstered in the finest and most usable manner. 

The Model B was more than twice the price of any other car on the Ford line. It was powered by a 4.6-liter straight-four, 24-horsepower machine. This also made it Ford’s first four-cylinder vehicle. The main distinction between the Model A and B engines is that the Bs have large central bearings and pressurized bearings.

This very rare vintage car had a wheelbase of 92 in (2337 mm) and transmission was made possible by a. 2-speed planetary system with a cone clutch, a shaft drive, and floor control. Drum brakes were also added to the rear wheels. It operated under a water-cooling system.

Ford Model B – Production

The Ford Model B had a 3-year production period which ran between 1904 and 1906. It wasn’t really successful in the market as it sold only 500 units in its first 20 months and production had to be halted. It was later replaced by the Ford Model k.

Ford Model B – Price

At the time of production, the Ford Model B was priced at about $2000. Now, this classic can be acquired within a price range of $64,000 – $82,000 in various auctions around the world.

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