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Ford Model K (1906-1908)

Ford Model K Origin

 If you’re seeing this video, then I could probably guess you were born within the last generation, last two if I should stretch it a little.  Transportation is one aspect of our day to day lives that is ever changing with time and technology. In this video, I will be taking you far back as a century ago when you and I were most probably not born, where cars were not so easily purchased as we have in our current age and time, a time where the Ford model K was one of the most sophisticated of its time. There is a lot to learn, so let’s jump right in.

The Ford model k came as a fitting replacement for the Model B and was meant to step up the game for the company to become one of the first luxury models from the Ford line-up, but as a matter of fact, the model K ended up as a failure and was even considered as the first failure of the company. The quality of the car was low compared to other cars made by the company and the sicker side being on the high side of anywhere between two thousand dollars to two thousand, five hundred dollars.

Ford Model K Overview

The Ford Model K came powered by a 6.6 liter, 405 cubic inches, 40 horsepower, side-valve inline six-cylinder engine. The Model K was a built as a powerful, large and luxurious automobile. The engine of the vehicle drove the rear wheels with a two-speed planetary transmission. The left foot pedal engaged the reverse, while the right foot pedal engaged the transmission break. 

The model k was the last vehicle have a six-cylinder engine until 1941. The failure of this particular model made it change its focus back to producing larger and affordable vehicles.

Ford Model K Production

The Ford Model K didn’t record a very huge success in the market, and this was due to the conflict of interests between the two largest stakeholders of the company. A very luxurious car it was, and so only the rich could afford to give it a run for their money. A total of 900 of the Ford model k was produced with about 20 still in existence up till date since its early production on 1906.

In 1908, the company ceased production of the K model and the T model was introduced, which shortly became the top selling car in the world until the company discontinued its production in 1927.

Ford Model K Price

The Ford Model K was an expensive car to build, and the car cost about two thousand, five hundred dollars to three thousand dollars back in the 1900s. That looks like something you could afford today, right? But hey, I’m sorry to burst your bubble as the equivalent of three thousand dollars in today’s current inflation rate is around ninety-one thousand dollars. So, the Model K actually commands some degree of respect and class with such price even though the circumstance as at the time of production wasn’t so favorable at the time.

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