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Chevrolet Superior (1923 – 1926) – Series B, F, K, & AA

Chevrolet Superior – Origin

Chevrolet automobile company has been in the game long before most of us, including you, a dear friend was born, the company, and so it goes without saying that we could trace the early days of the company and the very first car produced by the brand a century ago. One of the earliest brands of cars produced by the company is the Chevrolet Superior, which was launched far back in the early 1900s, 1923, to be precise. Do you want to know why this car is called the superior? Is it really “A Superior” vehicle or probably just a random thought? If you watch this video till the end, then you too might have an idea as well.

This Company manufactured four different series for four years for this particular whip. The first of the four was the (Series B) of 1923, the second model came rolling in 1924 and was known as the (Series F), the company manufactured the (Series K) in 1926, and the last of the series, known as the Series was manufactured in 1926, which was ultimately replaced by the (Series AA) Capitol.

Chevrolet Superior – Overview

Generally speaking, the Chevrolet superior was a pretty standard ride at its time, given the level of technology and resources available at the time. Chevrolet takes all the credit for this credible masterpiece, and of course, the assembling of the vehicle was done in a number of states in the United States, some of which include California, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Canada as well.

So what are the features that make up the masterpiece of a machine? We could start with its four-cylinder engine which has 171 cubic inches, which is approximately around 2.8 liters with a stunning power capacity of 26 horsepower with a speed of 2000 revolutions per minute. The car features a 103 inches’ wheelbase and a 3-speed manual transmission. Is this car really worthy to be called a superior? Well, let the price be the judge of that, right?

Chevrolet Superior – Production

Far back as 1926, there was strong competition for dominance between Chevrolet and Ford, and each of them was at the top of their game. While Ford was ready to produce enough T Series to go round, Chevrolet stepped up their game with the manufacture of over 800,000 samples built within a space of seven years.

Chevrolet Superior – Price

During the year of its production, the variations of the Chevrolet Superior sold for different prices. If you had as much as 510 dollars in the year 1923, you could gladly be the proud owner of a Chevrolet Superior Roadster, and say you’re feeling a little too bit flashy and want to give a bigger car a run for your money, walk into the car shop with a whopping 825 dollars, and you would walk out in a four-wheeled range-topping, Chevrolet Superior Sedan.

Do you think 825 dollars is not worthy to be called a whooping sum? Wait till I tell you how much that’s worth nowadays, and if you decided to buy the chassis, you’d be paying as much as 425 dollars for the Commercial chassis and say, 5245 dollars for the express truck.

If you ask me, I’d say the name “superior” wasn’t quite the deal for the car as the equivalent price of 825 dollars is around 12 to 13,000 dollars, which today, could get you an okay car, but definitely nothing close as a superior whip of these days. That would be a huge slap on the face of the Chevrolet 2020 Blazer. Now that right there is a superior whip.

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