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Buick Six Series Model (1914 – 1929)

Buick Six Series Origin

The Buick Six is one of the top-tier automobiles produced by General Motors Buick Division which was manufactured in 1914. The Buick six, which is the predecessor of the Series B model of the automobile company happens to be the first Buick vehicle to be equipped with a steering wheel at the left side, and also an electric starter as well as an electric lighting system. The Buick six was produced in two main varieties, and these were the Standard Six and the luxurious Master Six.

The Buick six series could be regarded as one of the most sophisticated vehicles in the mid-1920s, although not as flamboyant as Cadillac and The Packard Six, but how much do you think would be considered sophisticated for a vehicle? Well, if you stay with me a few more minutes, you could get a glimpse of how much this car was sold, and might as well compare the price to our current age and time.

The name “Six” was given to the vehicle due to its inline-six engines. A common naming convention for the Buick Six series is the Year-body style designation. Let’s take the 1927 Buick model 27X54 for example, I know this seems like 27 times 54, but believe me, the Buick naming style has nothing to do with our arithmetic. 27 here represents the last two numbers of the year of the vehicle, in this case, the vehicle is a 1927 model, and so the 27 rightfully represents the year, and the 54-name list represents the roadster body style.

The Buick six models however produced in 1929 were commonly named and labeled by the length of their chassis. A typical example would be 116, 120, 121, and so on. The production of this Buick six reigned all through till 1929.

Buick Six Series Overview

The Buick six series were manufactured under the General Motors label and were assembled in Flint Wagon Work, Michigan, in the united states. The car can be considered as a full-size vehicle, having a front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout.

The powertrain of the Buick six features a one hundred and ninety-one cubic inches Buick straight-six engines. Buick became the only General motors product to utilize the exclusive overhead valve engine. There are a variety of body styles available and the number is up to 14 different choices.

The dimension of the wheelbase of the Buick six model ranges from one hundred and fifteen inches to one hundred and thirty inches.

Buick Six Series Production

The Buick six models were pretty fancied at the time, and it got a lot of reception from the buyers, making the company ultimately record a very remarkable increase in production from 1914 through 1925. The numbers were not particularly given verbatim, but the company boasted that Buick six accounted for 45 percent of the production of vehicles during its years of production.

Buick Six Series Price

In the first year of its production, the Buick six was only offered as a touring sedan for a price of one thousand, nine hundred and eighty-five dollars, which is an equivalent of fifty-two thousand, six hundred and fifty-seven dollars in our current age and time. Hmmm, quite a luxurious classic, if you ask me!

The Buick six models are one of the most sought-after classics in the world, even in the auction markets with bidders eager to throw some cash in to get one of these masterpieces in the park.

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