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Buick Standard Six (1925 – 1929)

Buick Standard Six Origin

The Buick standard series was manufactured under the Buick automobile company between the years 1925 through 1929. The Buick standard six was an upgrade to the previous Buick six when the company decided to cancel the production of the Buick 4 cylinder. The standard six is one of the most sold classics of Buick motors. There’s a lot to know about this ride, and as usual, the classic dude is here to serve you with yet another classic.

Buick Standard Six Overview

The Buick standard six was built with certain mechanical specifications being considered that really matched the name. The classic stands six was designed with a five-seater capacity with a wheelbase of one hundred and fourteen point five inches. The powerhouse of this vehicle consists of three thousand, three hundred and ninety-two cubic centimeters with a 65-horse power rating. The cylinder block of the vehicle was built with cast iron with a four-point five inches stroke. These features were typically what you’d consider a rugged vehicle in our current age and time.

According to the nineteen twenty-six data of the Buick standard specifications, the standard six features include a high-tension generator and storage battery, a single unit starting system, a three forward, one reverse gear changer, a cellular radiator, to mention but a few. Standard equipment that came with the vehicle includes a transmission theft lock, an automatic windshield cleaner, a rear-view mirror, a pressure grease gun, a rear window curtain, and a sunshade to prevent the disturbing effect of excess rays of light. I could go on and on with some other standard equipment of the Buick standard six, but I’m sure these said few drives home the message here, which is in short, that the Buick standard six was carefully built to become an overall upgrade and better improvement of its predecessor, which later caused the standard six to be the most sold at the time.

Buick Standard Six Production

I said earlier that the Buick standard six was the most sold Buick car of its time. Let me be a bit precise with the numbers here, the total production for the Buick standard six amounted to two hundred and fifty-five thousand, one hundred and sixty. That’s a lot of numbers for just a single model in just its first year of production. Now you see the company wasn’t playing around when they called it the standard six.

Buick Standard Six Price

The prices of the Buick standard six varied from one body type to another. The five-passenger coach was sold for one thousand, two hundred and ninety-five dollars, which is an equivalent of over eighteen thousand dollars in today’s currency.

The five-passenger double service sedan sold for an equivalent of twenty-one thousand, five hundred dollars. The Two passenger roadster was sold for sixteen thousand, eight hundred dollars in a recent currency conversion. The standard six five-seater coupes went for the price of twenty-four thousand, three hundred dollars while the two-passenger double service coupe was sold for twenty thousand, one hundred dollars. Just for the record, the prices of these cars mentioned above are the current price of the cars in our today’s current USD inflation rate compared to the original price at which they were sold over a century ago.

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