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Buick Master Six (1925 – 1929)

Buick Master Six Origin

Back in the early days of General Motors, when the company was sharing platforms and technology within their divisions, the Buick master six was kind of related to the Oldsmobile model 30 as they both shared engine sizes and wheelbases. Buick motors had at the time, earned its name as a conservative car with a good market reputation. The Packard six and Cadillac could be considered as flamboyant and extravagant cars, but the model six was not in any way short of a luxury car.

As a matter of fact, the last Emperor of China Puyi purchased two masters six models, which started the trend as China’s most popular cars. There is a lot to talk about concerning this vehicle and as to what the features comprise that makes it qualified to be called a luxurious vehicle, if you stick around with me till the end, I’ll be glad to share some of this classic knowledge with you!

Buick Master Six Overview

So how did the name Buick Six came to be? Well, the company named their six-cylinder vehicles “Buick six”, which wasn’t so bad a choice of name at the time. The name convention was the same from 1916 through 1924, and later in 1925, the company decided to divide them into Standard Six and Master Six. The Master Six used the designs of series 121 and 129 in the year 1929 for the wheelbase dimensions. All the Buick six series were powered by the Buick six straight engine overhead-valve, with various body styles.

The Buick vehicles were known to produce cars with mostly four cylinders, but since the manufacture of the six-cylinder cars, it became very common generally in the automobile industry. The first six-cylinder car in 1914 comprises a three hundred and thirty-one cubic inches’ engine, approximately 5 and a half liters. The engine was initially designed as a racing engine but was later on used in limited production as the Buick series 50.

In 1916, the three hundred and thirty-one cubic inches’ engine was dropped and replaced with a much smaller engine, which started with two hundred and twenty-four cubic inches in the years 1916 and 1917 respectively. Through the course of 1916 to 1928, the engine made a progressive increase from 331 cubic inches back to 301 cubic inches. Consequently, after this graduation, the six-cylinder engines were dropped and all models of Buick were armed with the powerful straight 8, which started in 1931 and continued even for decades after.

Buick Master Six Production

The exact number of Buick master six produced at the time was not made public at the time, but the model accounted for 41 percent of the total production in the year 1925. That seems like quite a huge success was pulled from the production of this masterpiece

Buick Master Six Price

The price of the Buick master six series sold within the range of one thousand, three hundred and sixty dollars to two thousand, five hundred and twenty-five dollars. In today’s currency, that price range right there is equivalent to twenty thousand, five hundred and eighty-four dollars to thirty-five thousand, seven hundred and twenty-five dollars. That’s quite a lot of money though.

Do you see why the Buick master six was fitting to be called a car of luxury?

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