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Mercedes Benz 380k – Mercedes Benz Typ 380- W22 (1933 -1934)

Mercedes Benz 380 Origin

The Mercedes Benz 380 which was also called the Mercedes Benz typ 380, was unveiled in 1933 at the International Motor and Motorcycle Show in Berlin. It was the successor to the historical six-cylinder supercharged “SS” and “SSK” models. It tried to get rid of the rigid axles and introduced the new swing-axle in the back and was a transition model having front independent suspension with coil springs. This was a huge step that helped them up the evolutionary ladder after the six-cylinder cars that have been in production for over 20 years. The Mercedes Benz was a game-changer for it saw the debut of the Mercedes Benz eight-cylinder engine.

Stay with me; as we journey through the life of this Mercedes Masterpiece, there’s a lot to find out.

Mercedes Benz 380 Overview

Four different versions of the 380 engines were offered, three of which were an engageable Supercharger and the one which was a naturally aspirated version. The car is often time referred to as the 380 K likely because of its compressor. In its naturally aspirated form, the engine was great for 90 bhp, whereas the supercharged variation engaged the output varied from 120 to 144 bhp. It featured an all-around independent suspension by wishbones at the front and swing axles at the rear.

The Mercedes Benz 380 driver train was mounted in a box section pressed steel low bed frame. It was powered by a straight-eight overhead valve engine of 3.8 liters capacity. It also had a four-speed gearbox with synchromesh on the upper two ratios, plus hydraulic drum brakes on all four wheels. To handle the weight of the Mercedes Benz 380, which was up to 2.6 tonnes, a vacuum brake that was power-assisted was used. It didn’t sport outboard exhaust pipes trimmed with metal tubes, unlike its predecessors the “SS” and “SSK” models. Its successor was the 500K (W29).

Mercedes Benz 380 Production

Only 154 examples of the Mercedes Benz 380 were produced as the Mercedes production lasted from 1933 to 1934. The production was overseen by the Technical Director Dr. Hans Nibel and his chief designer, Max Wagner. It was an era that saw the Leap from traditional automobile production to a modern means of improved versions.

A change that brought about the independent wheel suspension and rear swing axles with coil springs. The Mercedes Benz 380 saw the change in the engine position from the front to the rear; this included the engine, transmission unit, radiator, steering, and front seats on the two-seater models was set towards the rear in order to create a sporty look and an enhanced dynamism.  It was produced in several body styles; a four-door saloon, convertible A, B, and C, a roadster, and an open tourer. It is also listed in bare chassis form.

Mercedes Benz 380 Price

This classic beast is quite a rare one to find nowadays, with a price range over the roof if you happen to stumble across anyone. A few years back an auction recorded it selling for $661,643. That’s some real cash to land a possession like this. So better get your pockets ready if you ever want to get one in your garage.

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