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Cadillac series 452-D/60 V16

Cadillac series 452-D Origin

In 1934, when Cadillac updated the V16 engine to include a new knee-action front suspension, as well as other modifications that finally defined the Series V16, the vehicle came out a masterpiece and quickly became one of the most sophisticated vehicles of that decade.

The Cadillac series 452-D is a very powerful vehicle, and as always, there are always new things to add to our classic archives, stay with me to the end, as this one promises to be yet another interesting piece from the classic guy.

Cadillac series 452-D Overview

The Cadillac Series 452-D was built to each customer’s taste; the vehicle did so well that it became a prestigious icon for the American automobile industry; this gem of a car also helped the company outperform Packard as well their V12 engine. The company was proud to use the 452-D to flag their V16 launch, and in fact, the introductory brochure proudly read, and I quote, “sixteen-cylinder powering, complete individuality in style”.  I guess that’s the whole essence of the Cadillac V16.

Cadillac general manager at the time, Lawrence Fisher, and General Motors Stylist Harley Earl were at the helms of styling the v16 engine. Most of the vehicles had Fleetwood bodies in Pennsylvania, which the GM later acquired and moved to Michigan to keep the production business in-house. Customers were at liberty to choose between 70 or more available bodies that were styled in full detail and very well individualized.

Let’s get to the specs of the vehicle, shall we? The Cadillac series 452-D is a series production type built in the United States of America with a 45-degree V 16 naturally aspirated engine positioned at the front longitudinal end. The block material is made of cast iron and a pushrod overhead valve train of two valves per cylinder.

The fuel feed of the car features a set of twin Cadillac carburetors with a displacement of 7,412 cubic centimeters, an equivalent of 452.3 inches cube. Other features of the series 452-D include a stroke of 101.6 millimeters and a bore of 76.2 millimeters. The vehicle is powered by 130.5 kilowatts, an equivalent of 175 brake horsepower with a specific output of 2.61 brake horsepower per liter.

Cadillac series 452-D Production

Cars powered by the v16 engine were both very expensive and exclusive. The production of the V-16 spanned for eleven years, and a total of 4,076 vehicles were produced, a good majority of which was constructed in its debut year before the great depression came along. The Cadillac series 452-D made its debut in 1934 and its production lasted for a year.

The onset of the second world war reduced the sales and unfortunately resulted in its demise.

Cadillac series 452-D Price

The Cadillac series 452-D V-16 has quite a remarkable history in auction sales. The Cadillac series 452-D sold for $396,000 at an auction held at Pebble Beach Auctions by Gooding and the company. This vehicle was the only surviving v16 stationary coupe, one out of 60 or so that was built in 1934.

Like I said earlier, vehicles built with V16 engines carry very high price tags along with them, most of which are sold in auction markets for hundreds of thousands of dollars. So if you plan on getting one of these, better make sure your pockets are fat and deep enough.

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