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Cadillac Series 60 [Cadillac Series 36-60] – (1936–1938)

Cadillac Series 60 Origin

In 1936, we experienced the magnificent debut of the Cadillac Series 60, which in turn earned it the name Cadillac 36-60 as the prefix of each model year was added to the series. The Cadillac 36-60 was Cadillac’s entry-level product in the luxury vehicle market, at that time its main rival was the Packard Six. It was the brainchild of the new Cadillac manager, Nicholas Dreystadt. Its successor was the Cadillac Series 61, but the sixty special which was derived from it continued on in place of the Cadillac 61. The introduction of the Cadillac 60 series, ensured that Cadillac kept on expanding its market coverage in the coming years.

Cadillac Series 60 Overview

The Cadillac 36-60 was introduced and offered in just three body styles which are the coupe, convertible, and touring sedan. All body/coachwork was done by Fisher using the fisher body’s new Turret Top one-piece roof and Bendix dual servo brakes. It has a 2-barrel carburetor with its transmission at three-speed manuals, and its rear axle comes in a 4.10 gear. The Cadillac 60’s engine bay works quite fine with its power coming from a 3/88-inch smaller bored Cadillac V-8 displacing 322 cubic inches making 125 horsepower.

It has a thin vertical grille with horizontal ribs flowing back from a front V spine that is flanked by 2 bullet-style compartments for the single headlight on both sides. It initially rode on a 121-inch wheelbase is 3,073 mm and it later went up to 124.0-inch wheelbase in 3,150 mm. It had the same treatment in its Vee windshield, grill, and fender as those on larger V-8’s. Its engine was the same as those in the fleet wood bodies V-8’s but with a smaller bore. It introduced a center point steering and a front stabilizer bar which was the company’s first. It complemented the carry-over rear stabilizer bar and contributed to the exceptional handling of the 36’s.

Cadillac Series 60 Production

The Cadillac 60 was manufactured between 1936 and 1938 with different body styles, a 2-door club coupe, a 2-door convertible, a 4-door sedan, a 4-door convertible. Its successor was the Cadillac series 61 and its predecessor was the LaSalles, and the Cadillac 36-70. The Cadillac 60 was built on the GM B body platform similar to cars like the LaSalle, Buick, and Oldsmobile.  It had semblance to the LaSalle even in its transmission which is a smaller unit, it was the upgraded version of the LaSalle, which fortunately had a Cadillac name or it would have passed for a LaSalle. It was a smaller, lighter, shorter, less expensive, but with full quality befitting a Cadillac.

Cadillac Series 60 Price

It was smaller and less expensive than their immediate predecessors, therefore, sold fast. The series Cadillac 60 instantly became the company’s best-selling model, making up for half the amount of the sales from its predecessors.

Recent auctions held places the current price of this classic gem on an average of $40,263 and rising as high as $61,600.

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