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Cadillac Series 355 (1931-1935)

Cadillac Series 355 Origin

The Cadillac Series 355 manufactured by the automobile company Cadillac, was manufactured between the years 1931 through 1935. The series was built with the sophisticated v8 engine and was sold in different models all through the years of production, and as we go along in this video, we’ll be looking at some of the basic features of this classic whip, so stay tuned!

Cadillac Series 355 Overview

The Cadillac series 355 under the label of General motors was designed by Harley Earl and was assembled in Detroit Assembly, Michigan in the United States. The body class of the 355 was built to style as a full-size luxury car, coming in a variety of body styles that includes 2 door convertibles, 4 door Coupe, 2 door Coupe, 4 door Sedan, 4 door town car, and a 4 door Limousine.

The layout of the 355 consists of a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive with a power train engine of three hundred and fifty-five cubic inches L head and a 3-speed synchromesh transmission. The overall curb weight of the Cadillac Series 355 weighs between four thousand, six hundred pounds to five thousand pounds.

The Cadillac series 355 was made in five different models starting from the 355A in the year 1931, the 355B in 1932, 355C in 1933, the 355D came in 1934 before the last of its model, the Cadillac series 355E in 1935 before being succeeded by the Cadillac Series 70 and Cadillac Series 75.

Cadillac Series 355 Production

The Cadillac series 355 as we’ve seen came in a variety of models at different seasons, and as a matter of fact, the company did a good job in documenting the number of the various models that were produced throughout the years, now let’s jump right into the numbers.

The 355A being the first model broke grounds with a total of 10,717 vehicles in the sale. The 355B didn’t get as much reception and recorded a total of 2,700 vehicles in total. The 355C came and had total sales of 2,100 all through 1933. The 355D was more of a modification of its predecessor and the number of sales available was not recorded per se, but the last of its models, the 355E series made a combined sale that was totaled 8,318 vehicles from 1934 through 1935.

Cadillac Series 355 Price

And now to the most interesting part, you see, these cars aren’t called classic for anything, most especially not called because they were made over a century ago, they could as well have been called ancient cars right? But that’s not the case though, the classic dude brings you classic content, and classic content most definitely comes with huge values associated with them.

Starting with the lowest sale ever recorded for 12 thousand dollars, but I’m sorry you’d never get a 355 series for that price ever again! The average price of the Cadillac Series 355 is sold for approximately 84 thousand dollars, while the highest sale ever recorded was sold for 181 thousand dollars. Now that’s a lot of money right there. So if you’re going for a classic whip like the Cadillac Series 355, you better come with your pockets boxed up.

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