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Chevrolet Series AA Capitol (1927)

Chevrolet Series AA Capitol Origin

The Chevrolet Series AA Capitol owned by American automobile company Chevrolet was manufactured in 1927 under the management of William S. Knudsen, and this car was created as the perfect fit to overtake and establish its dominance in the automobile market internationally by competing with Ford which at the time, was probably the most sophisticated vehicle back in the early 1900s. Strong competition was between these two powerhouse automobile companies, but did the advent of the Chevrolet Capitol successfully displace Ford in the US chart? If you stay with me till the end, you most definitely will get the truth from me, the classic dude!

Chevrolet Series AA Capitol Overview

The Chevrolet Capitol is powered with a four-cylinder, overhead-valve engine that displaced one hundred and seventy-one cubic inches and delivers well over twenty-five horsepower. They also came with a three-speed selective sliding gearbox and rode on steel disc wheels.

Some mechanical features of the vehicle include a parking brake release and a rectangular brake and clutch pedal. The Chevrolet Capitol came in a variety of body styles that include a roadster, coupe, tourer, sedan, coach, landau sedan, also with a new edition of the imperial landau that was added later on.

Generally, the Chevrolet capitol AA is considered to be sleekly designed, fierce, fast, and of course classy and fun whip to cruise around. The Chevrolet Capitol AA is just as good-looking and ready-to show-off as it was when it was launched in the early nineteen hundred. So, if you ever think of going the classic way, you have a very good option on the table.

Chevrolet Series AA Capitol Production

The Chevy Capitol was the game-changer for Chevrolet Automobile company. The sales of this car took the company to a whole new dimension as the company recorded a massive sale of over six hundred and fifty thousand of the Chevrolet Capitol just in the first year of its release. This was a very good turn for Chevrolet Capitol came at the time when Ford has just shut down production lines as they switched from producing the T Model to a new Model A.

This change in production from Ford Automobile company ultimately caused Chevrolet to secure the number one spot on the US Chart at the time.

Chevrolet Series AA Capitol Price

The Capitol AA was a huge success for the company, and in the world of business, success is always attached to numbers, right? With the sophisticated nature of the car at that time and its classy look in our current age, a lot of people are ready to throw in some good money to cop the Chevrolet Capitol AA.

There have been a wide variety of prices which this car has been sold based on the circumstance surrounding the market at the time. The highest sale value placed of the Capitol was around fifty-five thousand dollars based on auction sales, but its average sales value now should be anywhere around fifteen to twenty thousand dollars. An okay price for a classic whip if you ask me though.

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