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Cadillac Series 70 3rd generation (67, 75) (1941-1942, 1946-1949)

Cadillac Series 70 3rd generation Origin

The Cadillac Series 70 was among a series of cars manufactured by Cadillac. They are V8-powered cars built to replace the company’s prior 1935 355E shortly after the introduction of the Series 60 which was less expensive. Of the Cadillac Series 70, the years 1941 – 1942 and 1946 – 1949 saw the production of only the Series 67 and the Series 75.

It featured five different configurations of the touring sedan: with quarter windows, those with auxiliary jump seats, business configuration, the imperial 7-passenger with jump seats, and the Imperial 9-passenger with jump seats.

Stay with me till the end, and I will show you how much these different configurations are valued in today’s market.

Cadillac Series 70 3rd generation Overview

Observing from the front of this automobile, you will notice it has a single-piece hood that extends sideways toward the fenders and side panels. On the sides of the hood is a rectangular panel of louver trim.

It had a wide and vertical rectangular-shaped grille that popped out in the middle and at the top outer corners of the grille, the company built in rectangular parking lights. The headlights were then stationed at the nose of the fenders and right under them, a provision for integral accessory fog lights was built.

On the rear section of each of the four fenders of this automobile, Cadillac positioned three chrome spears. The car also had standard rear fender skirts. The bodywork of the Series 67 which was introduced in 1941 was a Fisher Body that rested on a 3,531mm (139 in) wheelbase.

The car was about 228 inches in length (5,791 mm) and it was able to seat 5 to 7 passengers. The Series 67 had a longer wheelbase than the Series 75 which had a Fleetwood body and ran on a 3,467 mm (136.5 in) wheelbase. The Series 75, in contrast to the other Cadillacs, was the only car that could be ordered with a running board.

The third-generation Cadillac Series 70 (1941 – 1942, 1946 – 1949) used two major engines. The first was the 346 cu in (5.7 L) Monobloc V8 which generated about 150 HP (112 kW). The other engine is the 331 cu in (5.4 L) OHV V8 which was used in the 1949 Series 75 that produced up to 160 HP (119 kW).

The cowl ventilators of the previous Series 75 were replaced with a fresh air ventilating system using air ducts. The handbrake control was also changed to a T-shaped pull handle instead of the previous lever.

The 1946 Series 75 was the largest model of the Cadillac that was produced. It rode on a 136-inch wheelbase and the body was unique among all the other cars in the division of General Motors.

The long-wheelbase was brought back in the 1949 Series 75 and the only major change that distinguished it from the previous models was the conventional dashboard which included a horizontal speedometer.

Cadillac Series 70 3rd generation Production

One would have thought that a large number of this whip would have been produced over this period, unfortunately, the series 75 saw only 757 units produced in 1941. The total number of the Cadillac series produced between the years 1941 – 1942 and 1946 – 1949 remains unknown.

Cadillac Series 70 3rd generation Price

Several configurations of this classic car were slammed with different prices. The base price for Series 67 was $2,890 which in 2020 was about $45,775. The optional passenger compartment divider model sold for $1,500 which was about $23,759 in 2020. The Series 75 was $4,045 an amount that rose to $71,172 in 2020. The 7-seater Formal Sedan of the Series 75 was $4,484 with a 2020 price equivalent of $71,023 while the Business Imperial 9-passenger which was $3,306 was priced at $52,364 in 2020.

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