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Chevrolet AK Series – (1941-1947)

Chevrolet AK Series Origin

In 1941, Chevrolet introduced the Chevrolet AK Series, which was a light-duty truck. The style of the brand wasn’t only improved, but the engine was built stronger, and improved version of the former one. The AK Series had a different appearance from previous Chevrolet products, which had a common appearance between its pickup trucks and passenger cars. It made use of the GM A platform, the same as the Chevrolet Deluxe. It was a successful commodity in the market at that time as pickup trucks were a necessity as well as a tool for all kinds of businesses. It can be compared to a working horse as the combination of the half car truck concept provided the usability of a car with a truck’s payload.

Stay with me, as we explore the first Chevrolet light-duty truck, for there’s more to discover about this masterpiece.

Chevrolet AK Series Overview

The Chevrolet AK series can be considered the Chevrolet twin product of 1941. Although they don’t share anything common in physical appearance, they both used the GM A platform, unlike its predecessor, which was the last series of trucks that shared an appearance with Chevrolet passenger coupes and sedans. The GM A platform was an automobile platform that was General Motors (GM) original and oldest platform used by all early GM products. The Chevrolet AK series was based on Chevrolets passenger car platform but with suspension, modifications to improve its towing capacity and payload. The AK series truck made use of two straight six-cylinder engines, 216 cu in (3.5 L) and 228 cu in (3.7 L), respectively, and had a three-speed manual transmission.

Chevrolet AK Series Production

The Chevrolet AK series was produced between 1941 -1947, branded, and sold at GMC locations. Its predecessor was the Chevrolet Master Truck while its successor is the Chevrolet Advance Design. The Chevrolet AK Series body style consisted of a 2-door pickup truck, 3 door panel truck, 2 door cab over engine, 3 door combination bus, 2 doors mid-size SUV (suburban), 2 door coupe utility. What differentiated these two products at the GMC location where it was being sold was that the Chevrolet AK Series had vertical bars in the grille while the GMC models had horizontal bars.

Chevrolet AK Series Price Range

The Chevrolet AK Series was sold for $600 as at the production, but it is being sold today for $28, 500 on the auction price. It is still being collected around the world. A very beautiful piece to add to your collection, and the refurbished version which is sleek is very much available.

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