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Chevrolet Light Six (1914 – 1915)

Chevrolet Light Six – Origin

The Chevrolet light six is an American vehicle produced by automobile company Chevrolet in the year 1914 and 1915. The ‘Bow Tie’ emblem used by Chevrolet made its debut in 1914, and has since then been used on all Chevrolet vehicles till date. The light six replaced the Chevrolet C classic series that was produced in 1913, and soon became dominant whip of its time.

Chevrolet Light Six – Overview

The “Light six” Series was assembled under Flint Assembly, Michigan. It is built with an FR layout with a 4-door, 5-pass touring body style to accommodate 5 passengers comfortably. Its powertrain features a 271 inches’ cube, 35 Horsepower L-head engine which was one of the most sophisticated at the time of production and release.

Chevrolet Light Six – Features

The Chevvy light six series is powered by a L-head engine that is rated at 35bhp that came with an auto-lite electric starter. The clutch is mounted to the engine through a drive shaft that is connected to the end of the selective sliding speed transmission. The car moves with a 3 by 4 floating type suspension and a 34 by 4 inch set of tires.

The Light Six classic also features a set of black, shiny leather seats that blends perfectly with the car hood and the roof as well, giving it an all-classic shiny look that made it stood out from its peers in terms of look and style. It’s safe to say the Chevrolet Series Light Six was one of the sophisticated vehicles of its time.

The L-head engine was at the time, a very good match for this vintage classic owing to the simplicity and reliability of the engine, compactness, low speed power, its insensitivity to low-octane fuel and low mechanical engine noise. These super qualities even for a time far back as a century ago, made it a very good fit for the Chevrolet L series and other cars within the same caliber.

Chevrolet Light Six – Production

Chevrolet Light Six series production spanned from 1914 to 1915, and an estimated approximation of over 1,000 were made during these years. Finding one of this vintage classic in today’s age will be a feat almost impossible to achieve as there are not many of this piece available anymore. The only surviving “Light Six” Chevvy is owned by one of the oldest members of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, he is popularly known as Mr. Chevrolet. He spent a good number of years looking for one of these vintage cars. When he found this piece in Massachusetts in the year 1984, he painstakingly took his time to restore the vintage masterpiece to its old glory.

Chevrolet Light Six – Pricing

The Chevrolet light six series sold for $1,475 during the year of its production, this means if you were to get this classic today, you’d be paying well over $26,000 due to inflation in price. The vehicle was available as a four-door, five-passenger piece, which, unlike the H series that is available in two body styles, has a variation of colors. The radiator, hood, and fenders were painted metallic black while the bow tie emblem had a blue or Gunmetal grey color.

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