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Buick Model B (1904 – 1909) – The First Buick Car

Buick Model B Origin

The Buick B model was the first series produced independently by the company before it became a part of General Motors in the early 1900s. The car was built in Michigan and became public in 1905 at the New York Auto Show.

The owner of General Motors at that time, William Durant did the honors by introducing the Model B series at the exhibit, as a matter of fact, people fancied the car so much that Durant took order placements for the car while still on the show.

But what are the features of this vehicle that aroused so much enthusiasm in the minds of the audience? Well, if you stick around to the end, I’d be glad to share the details with you.

Buick Model B Overview

The Buick B Model Series was the first car to be produced with an overhead valve engine. The engine was installed lengthwise within the frame, and also came with a clone clutch, a reverse transmission, two forwards speeds, and one reverse gear. The powerhouse of this vehicle was rated at 22 brake horsepower, an equivalent of 16.4 Kilowatt at One thousand, two hundred and thirty revolutions per minute, with an engine size of 2.6 liters.

The body style of the Buick B Model featured a 2-door tourer with a 4 by 5-seater. The full weight of the vehicle sums up to be One thousand, six hundred and ninety-nine pounds, which is an equivalent of seven hundred and seventy-one kilograms. The car moved on the wheelbase of 83 inches, which is 17 inches less than the 2013 model of the Buick Encore.

Buick Model B Production

As of 1899, David Dunbar Buick, the founding owner of the Buick establishment, sold off his plumbing business to the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company and then proceeded to organize the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company. This establishment intended to produce gasoline engines for farm use and marine. The company was then re-established to become the Buick Manufacturing Company.

In 1903, the company was finally called Buick Motor Company. A prototype vehicle was shown during the summer season of 1904, with the first sale of the car following in August that year. A few months after, the company had orders for 16 Buick model B series, and by the end of the year, a total of 37 vehicles were produced. None of those particular replicas exists in our current age and time, but two replicas have been manufactured; one for the Buick Gallery and Research Center in Flint, and the other by a private individual who built it for Buick’s 100th anniversary.

The basic design of this masterpiece continued from 1904 through 1909 with modifications and progress made throughout the years, the Buick Motor Company soon became the largest automobile company in the nation and has also done well to produce some top-tier cars we have in the world today.

Buick Model B Price Range

The Buick B model series didn’t stay too long in the market, but for the period it was released, the car sold for Nine hundred and fifty dollars at a retail price. Converting that money in today’s current inflation rate, you’ll be having over twenty-eight thousand dollars as the current price of that vehicle.

In 1908, the Model B was later joined by Buick’s first 4-model cylinder car popularly known as the Buick Model 10.

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