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Chevrolet Series FA (1917-1918)

Chevrolet Series FA – Origin

The Chevrolet Series FA which saw its first production in 1917 to 1918, was designed to be the fine-tuned version of the F Series. The FA series is equipped with better engine capacity and many other functions as well. During this period when the FA series was produced, some other Chevrolet series such as the Baby Grand, The Royal Mail were also dropped and replaced with names Touring and Roadster respectively, and production of the FA Series continued all through and was surprisingly not even affected by the World War 1 that stared in 1917.

Chevrolet Series FA – Overview

The FA series had undergone a lot of technical improvements from the existing series before it. Some of the notable improvement you could notice on this whip will of course be the engine of which surpasses that of its preceding series, the stroke of the previous four-cylinder engine had a notable increase of 11 by 4 inches and as a result of this, increasing its displacement to 224 cubic inches and increasing its powerhouse capability to 37 horsepower. Other notable changes to the FA Series include the replacement of the thermosiphon cooling system with this powerful engine possessing both a water pump and a circulating oil pump. Quite a powerful whip, I must add!

From there, you could tell that the company took precious time and resources into the production of this Chevvy edition, and as you know, or should know, the engine of a vehicle is the heart of the vehicle, and from my experience with cars, engine specifications are what distinguishes the power of one vehicle from another. The engine specification of this powerhouse include an overhead valve, a four-cylinder cast-iron block, 224 cubic inches’ displacement, and we can’t leave out the Zenith double jet carburetor and its 3 main bearings.

I could go on and on and tell you what great power of an engine controls the vehicle, but then, there are more to the Chevvy FA series than just the engine, not so?

Chevrolet Series FA – Models

The Chevrolet FA Sedan

The Chevrolet FA series has its unique sedan models, and they are the FA-4, The Roadster FA-2 popularly called the “Royal Mail”, and the open touring, FA-5 “Baby Grand”. The Chevrolet Series 490 was not anywhere in size compared to the FA series. You could easily have access to entering the car through the single right-hand door without having to fold the forward right from the seat. The FA had a double step Flat floor made of wood and removable pillars for the roof.

FA Series Touring Opera Sedan –

In 1917 – 1918, the FA series touring Chevrolet was designed to look similar to the set of sedans produced by General Motors and Chevrolet in 1949 and 1956, and the model sold for $1,475 at the time. Want to know how much that’s worth now? If you stay with me a little longer, you might have a grasp on that.

The Openable Windshield FA Sedan

Soon after Chevrolet realized that the closed cars they’ve been making lacked the breath of fresh air ventilation just as the topless roadsters and touring cars enjoyed, they decided to go for something different, and that brought about 1917-1918 Chevrolet FA series Sedan that had an openable windshield.

Chevrolet Series FA – Price

Enough talk of this vehicle already, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. If you have a thing for vintage cars and want to give it a run for your money, you’d probably have to chest anything around $33,000 to $35,000 for this vintage.

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