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Mercedes Benz W31 – Typ G4 (1934-1939)

Mercedes Benz W31 – Typ G4 Origin

The G4 was manufactured in 1934 and was first delivered to the secret service for use by Adolf Hitler. The G4 was mainly used for parade and inspection by the upper echelons of the Nazi regime, this was because this automobile was very expensive and the general army could not afford it.

From 1937 a more powerful engine was built to enhance the performance of the G4, the engine was built with 5252 ccs and 85 kW. Many of this breed were owned by top party members and were featured in rear-facing spotlights to serve as temporal blind to unlicensed drivers who followed too close. The G4 was majorly used by Adolf Hitler and his staff parades marking Austria and the Sudetenland.

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Mercedes Benz W31 – Typ G4 Overview

The Mercedes Benz W31 was a very powerful automobile produced by the Mercedes-Benz company in the year 1934-1939, it was popularly known as the staff command vehicle.

The Benz W31 was a German three-axle off-road automobile, the first of its kind produced by the Mercedes – Benz. It was designed as a closed saloon and seven-seat touring vehicle. This automobile was known as the G4 and its predecessor was the G1 which was produced in 1926. This model was a 6 by 4 production with a four-speed transmission that transferred drive to all four rear wheels through self-locking differentials. It had an 8-cylinder inline engine of 5018cc displacement emitting 74kW. The engine powertrain throughout its period of existence was 5.0L M24 I8 from 1934 to 1936, 5.3L M24 I8 in 1937, and 5.4L M24-II I8 from 1938 to 1939.

The hind wheels were fixed to two rigid axles about 950millimeters apart, the front axle was rigid with semi-elliptic springs.  It had a total of six wheels having hydraulic brakes with servo assistance. Its speed limit was only 67km/h, and it was limited by its several types of tires.

Mercedes Benz W31 – Typ G4 Production

The G4 was produced from 1934 to 1939, majorly for the top rank generals in the military i.e the Wehrmacht. The G4 was not a regular vehicle, it was majorly an off-road vehicle. The total number of this vehicle produced was 56. The car had a section of a long box frame that created a spacious interior room, where up to seven people could comfortably sit either in front, behind, or on the middle row which had two separate armrests.

Mercedes Benz W31 – Typ G4 Price

The G4 is known to be very expensive, during the period of its production only a few people could afford it. And they were all wealthy and influential just like Adolf Hitler the commander of the entire German soldiers. This convertible at the time of its production cost $3 million dollars. In 2009 a classic car collector offered three W31s for sale in the U.S. for $9 million. Claiming to have ties to Adolf Hitler, they included a blue convertible and a gray Wehrmacht W31 with a closed cab. A new unique feature was added such that the front passenger seat could be folded up, creating room for a person to stand upright in the car.

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