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Cadillac Series 355 B – (1932)

Cadillac Series 355 B – Origin

The Cadillac Series 355-B was produced in 1932 as a successor to the 355A. It was basically an update of the former. The vehicle was a rear-wheel drive with the coachwork designed by Fisher and Fleetwood.

Cadillac Series 355 B – Overview

The 1932 Series 355B was also longer and smaller, with a fully remodeled front board, and an improved engine with 115 horsepower. It had a roofline lowered by 1–3 in (25–76 mm) and the long hood featured six hood ports. The revised front-end design included a flat grid integrated into the radiator shell, head, and side lamps of the sleek bullet shape, as well as the removal of the fender tie bar and the monogram bar.

The dual horn trumpets were projected through the headlight bearings, and the headlight lenses had a diameter of 9.5 in (241 mm). The double taillights complemented the headlights, and the super secured lighting consisted of three filament bulbs and four contour areas for degree and angle of illumination. The license plate in the front was fixed to the bumper. Running boards bent to match the sweep of the front fenders and merged into the back fenders. The tail of the rear fenders was integrated into the valence of the fuel tank.

This model placed focus on the vision of the driver as visibility was improved by 30% as a result of the removal of the outside visor and the installation of a 12-degree sloping windshield and corner posts. A feature most welcomed by motorists. This classic vehicle also featured a big ventilator on the top of the cowl, with none on the sides, and all other separate body moldings removed.

Cadillac Series 355 B – Production

The Cadillac Series 355-B wasn’t quite successful in the market, and a large part of that can be attributed to the growing Great Depression during that time. It had a total production of 2700 units before it was succeeded by the Cadillac series 355C in 1933.

Cadillac Series 355 B – Price Range

In Today’s market, a Cadillac Series 355-B could cost between $65000 and $120000 in various auctions.

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