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Chevrolet Series AB National (1928)

Chevrolet Series AB National Origin

The Chevrolet series AB National stands as one of the most important models of vehicles ever produced by the prestigious American automobile manufacturer, Chevrolet. One could argue that this may be as a result of the fact that it was that same year, they replaced their model T with model A. Chevrolet seized this opportunity to take the crown as the largest automobile company in America for a short while. This one is yet another interesting classic vehicle that promises to be fun; let’s hang tight to the end as we add one or two things to our classic archive.

Chevrolet Series AB National Overview

In 1928, Chevrolet introduced the series AB national as an upgraded version of Ford’s 1927 capitol. There were very similar that one could hardly spot the difference. Still, if you look closely, you’ll see that the 1928 series AB national had a fourteen-inch longer wheelbase and an updated styling. When series AB national debuted, it came with a thirty-five horsepower, two-point eight liters inline just as its predecessor, the Capitol, but few months to the end of the year, the new fifty horsepower inline-six was introduced together with its updraft carburetor, and also a new higher top speed, which had no negative effect on the sales.

The Chevrolet series national AB has a displacement of two-point eight liters, which is equivalent to one hundred and ninety-one cubic inches. It features a four-cylinder with two valves per cylinder, with a one hundred and one point six-millimeter stroke and a four to five to one compression ratio. Other combustion configuration of the Series AB national includes an inline engine configuration, a timing chain configuration, a front-end engine placed longitudinally, carburetor fuel system and a piston-type combustion engine.

Engine fluids of the vehicle include an engine oil volume of four-point, seven three one liters, as well as an antifreeze with a volume of seven-point, nine two one liter. The transmission and drivetrain feature a two-wheel rear-wheel drive with a three-year manual transmission.  Its drum brakes have a diameter of two hundred and sixty-six point seven millimeters.

Chevrolet Series AB National Production

The company had a successful run for the Production of the Chevrolet series national AB, and it was documented that one million, one hundred and ninety-three thousand, two hundred and twelve series of the AB national were manufactured with sixty-nine thousand, two hundred and seventeen produced from the Oshawa factory alone. Other factories of origin for the Chevrolet Series AB national include the Flint Assembly, Tarrytown Assembly, St. Louis Assembly, Kansas City Assembly, Oakland Assembly, Lakewood Assembly, Norwood Assembly, Buffalo Assembly, and Janesville Assembly.

Chevrolet Series AB National Price

Most classic cars are usually sold in auction markets or websites, and according to trusted resources, the most recent sale of the Chevrolet series AB national sold for nine thousand dollars, with its highest sale valued at fifty-one thousand, seven hundred dollars. The lowest sale for the series AB National was valued at two thousand, six hundred dollars, with its average sale value at fourteen thousand, nine hundred and thirty-six dollars.

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