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Chevrolet Series AC International (1929)

Chevrolet Series AC International Origin

In 1929, an upgrade to the Series AB National was made. This introduced us to the Chevrolet Series AC International, it was hailed by Chevrolet as “A six for the price of four.” Stay with me till the end of this video to find out exactly why it was called “a six for the price of four,” and I’ll be glad to be your ride down memory lane.

Chevrolet Series AC International Overview

The Chevrolet Series AC International was an American vehicle manufactured by Chevrolet in 1929 to replace the 1928 Series AB National. The series AC was the first time the overhead valve Chevrolet straight-6 engine was introduced since 1915 Chevrolet Series C Classic Six. It was powered by a new 3.2L inline-six engine known as ‘Stevebolt six’ because single-slot screws were used to attach the covers for the pushrod and the overhead valves to the engine block. The Oakland V8 and the companion junior brand Pontiac were introduced in 1926 with the Series 6-27 and split-flathead Pontiac straight-6 engine, making room for Chevrolet straight-6 engine.

A wide range of both open and closed body styles was available, including tourer, truck, sedan, and coupe. The new Chevrolet had refreshed styling with a new grille, revised body side moldings, and smaller diameter wheels with fatter tires. 

The wheelbase measured 107 inches and the length was a comfortable 156-inches. It displaced 194 cubic inches and used a solid overhead valve design in a cast-iron block, non-pressurized lubrication, and a fuel pump to feed the updraft carburetor. The engine was mated to a splendid three-speed manual gearbox that powered the rear wheels.

It has an economic fuel consumption rate of 19 mpg on average. This beauty cost only a little more to produce than any of the previous four, but it offered 11 more horsepower than the 1928’s four.

With the success of this masterpiece, the six-cylinder engine did well in sales, and this propelled Henry Ford to initiate the hasty development of the 1932 Ford V-8 to be its quick competitor.

Chevrolet Series AC International Production

The production of the Chevrolet Series AC international was a year after the introduction of the Chevrolet AB National in 1928. A total of 1,328,605 Series ACs were manufactured in a range of ten body styles with 73,918 from Oshawa. To simplify production operations, each factory was designated one body style for national consumption and shipped by railroad to major American cities. The serial number of origin was relocated to the right body sill underneath the rubber floor mat with an exception to the roadster and phaeton, which were inscribed on the right side of the seat frame.

Chevrolet Series AC International Price

The Chevrolet Series AC International was just a few bucks more than the outgoing four-cylinder Series AB National. This was the first six-cylinder engine introduced by the company in 1915. What an upgrade it was!. Its prices were quite moderate and it was seen as a bonus production. With this ride, you will be having a 6-cylinder engine vehicle for almost the same price it would cost you to purchase the previous 4-cylinder model. Which was why it was called “a six for the price of four”.

The price listing started at US$525 for the roadster or phaeton to US$725 for the Landau Convertible. In today’s current auction, the least price you can snatch this classic is $5,100, with its highest at $39,600. Now! there you have it.

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